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Guild on Halgar  


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Spells and Abilities
Compendium of Inspirit
  Compendium of Life Graft
Compendium of Serak's Amplification
  Compendium of Superior Recovering Burst
Idol of Adroitness of the Shadow Prowler
  Idol of Hayatet's Gift of Acuity
Idol of Infusion of Spirit
  Idol of Superior Tuurgin's Vigor
Idol of Warmth of the Great Bear
  Jin Tablet of Superior Celestial Breeze
Leaflet of Naturewood Talisman
  Leaflet of Speed of the Tempest
Leaflet of Superior Soothe
  Leaflet of Talisman of the Eclipse
Manual of Superior Backstab
  Manual of Superior Entwine
Manual of Superior Intimidating Snarl
  Manual of Superior Sun Fist
Scroll of Mantle of Ether
  Sentient Crystal of Mass Expansive Mind
Sentient Crystal of Mass Vast Psyche
  Testament of Devout Renewal
Testament of Devout Resolution
  Testament of Superior Courage
Tome of Carrior of Corruption
  Tome of Carrion of Depravity II
Tome of Superior Death Shroud
  Scroll of Mantle of Frozen Embers
Idol of Rakurr's Gift of Speed
  Manual of Superior Razor Parts Silk
Idol of Gift of the Oracle
  Testament of Superior Shroud of Health
Testament of Devout Bestowal of Brilliance
  Leaflet of Razorshroud
Idol of Avatar of the Mystic
  Jin Tablet of Stoical Mind
Jin Tablet of Grace of the Crow
  Manual of Superior Goading Slap
Manual of Superior Overwhelm
  Testament of Devout Spirit Ward
Leaflet of Prowler's Grace
  Manual of Superior Drub
Tome of Superior Bone Chill
  Leaflet of Superior Venomous Thorns
Manual of Superior Dawn Arrow
  Manual of Superior Inflame