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Guild on Halgar  


--Entrance wing


--Library wing


--Marina wing


--Vault wing


--Basement wing


--Spells and Abilities

--APW craftingtools

Exalted X99
Dusty Chain Greaves of the Guardian
  Pendant of Defiance
Signet Ring of the Warehouse

Tam Thi's Gift

Emerald Leaf Shuriken

Emerald Leaf Pouch

Exalted Pauldrons
  Exalted Silk Slippers
Ancient Warehouse Scribe's Tunic
  Scale Greaves of the Vault
Ancient Resonating Crystals of Might
  Squared Stud of Protection
Exalted Longsword
  Ancient Warehouse Mitts
Hoptonian Chestplate Mold
  Hoptonian Greaves Mold
Hoptonian Pauldrons Mold
  Tormented Soul
Hoptonian Ore